The Clentaminator is a set of predefined painting tools that typically have complex set of predefined placement rules which don’t fall under other cateogories. Due to this they often use advanced algorithms to produce interesting patterns but are more specific in which cases they can be used.

The clentaminator lets you configure the brush to define the stroke path, just like other tools. Other than that it has two other options which can be toggled and configured. Terrain and Decorations. They can be mixed and matched to provide a wide range of customization.


These clentaminator presets affect solid blocks in your brush stroke


The Stone Terrain preset is a very simple terrain tool, just setting the base to only stone.


The Grass Terrain preset naturalizes the terrain by making the top layer grass blocks followed by 3-4 layers of dirt and any terrain below that being set to stone.


The Sand Terrain preset makes a desert terrain by making the top 4-5 layers sand and blocks below that being set to sandstone.

Dirt Ground

The Dirt Ground Terrain preset uses a wave function collapse algorithm to make a pattern of dirt with mixed in blotches of dry mud and coarse dirt to make a quick and easy floor for things such as forest floors, paths, etc.

Gravel Ground

The Gravel Ground terrain preset uses a wave function collapse algorithm to make a pattern of stone mixed in with blotches of gravel and cobblestone to make a quick and easy rough rocky pattern, useful for mountain gravel slides, paths, etc.

Fertile Ocean Floor

The Fertile Ocean Floor terrain preset uses a mix of layered voronoi as well as cellular noise patterns in order to create a varied look of an ocean, swamp or riverbed floor in ‘fertile’ water areas such as mangroves near oceans, swamps, river deltas/mouths, etc.


These clentaminator presets affect non-solid blocks, often intended to be placed on top of existing terrain to help enhance the aesthetics.


The Clear decoration preset isn’t a ‘nothing’ brush, instead it can be used to clear other decorations found in the natural generation or placed by other clentaminator presets. Useful to create something like a clearing in a forest for example.


The Grass decoration preset uses a perlin noise to randomly disperse dense plots of grass in a pleasing pattern in order to quickly decorate a plains biome, edges next to paths, etc. When selecting the grass decoration preset two new sub-settings appear:

  • A grassiness slider ranging from 0-1 (uncapped but going above 1 has no effect) to denote how ‘grassy’ an area should be. The closer to 1 the more grass there is.
  • An ‘Allow Tall Grass’ toggle which lets the perlin noise’s most dense areas use tall grass. This creates the appearance that grass gets more dense the further in you go which can be useful for more wild areas.