The Tinker capability has various features related to right-clicking with your fist on blocks. Tinker often can be used in place of the debug stick, being slighty faster compared to the debug stick's clunky interface but sometimes lacking the ability to change some non-visual properties.

Aiming at specific parts of a block can change the effect of the tinker. This lets you quickly change full blocks into stairs, stairs into slabs and vice versa. It also lets you easily adjust walls/fences to create states that Minecraft normally doesn’t allow.

Tinker interactions can be negated while the capability is toggled on by either having a non-empty hand or by holding down the sneak or ‘shift’ button.

BlockTinker Property Effect
Blocks with full/stair/slab variantsConvert between full/stair/slab by adding/removing corners
WallsCycle WallSide (none/low/tall) of targeted side
Fences/Iron bars/Chorus PlantToggle north/east/south/west sides
Piston[Side] Change facing, [Front] Extends/retracts the piston
Furnace[Side] Change facing, [Front] Toggles lit state
Carved Pumpkin/Jack O Lantern[Side] Change facing, [Front] Swaps between the 2 blocks
Barrel[Side] Change facing, [Front] Opens/closes
Iron Trapdoor/DoorOpen/closes the block
Brewing StandAdd/remove bottles
Glazed TerracottaChange facing
FarmlandCycle moisture
ScaffoldingToggle bottom
Small/Medium/Large/Cluster AmethystCycles between the 4 blocks
LecternToggles book
Candle/Campfire/Redstone TorchToggles lit
Cave VinesToggles berries
Bamboo StalkToggles bamboo leaves
CauldronCycles fluid level
ComposterCycles compost level
BeehiveCycles honey level
CakeCycles bites
LanternToggles hanging
Fence GateToggles lowered and facing axis
Player HeadCycles rotation
BannerCycles rotation
Attached Melon/Pumpkin StemSwitches facing axis
RailsCycles rotation
Any block with 'Age' propertyCycles age
Any block with 'Powered' propertyToggles powered


  • Right-clicking with Moss Block on cobblestone/stone converts the block into its mossy variant
  • Right-clicking with Shears on removes the mossy variant
  • Right-clicking on a pot with a plant replaces the plant inside the pot
  • Any block with a slab or stair variant can be tinkered