Editor Mode

The Editor Mode includes a large variety of tools and operations for large-scale world manipulation, painting, terraforming and sculpting. The Editor UI has been designed specially for this purpose, combining camera controls from conventional 3D software with powerful tools tailored for Minecraft building. The layout of the Editor UI can be customized by rearranging and docking the windows to your liking.

The Editor UI can be opened/closed by pressing Right Shift (not Left Shift).

Most of the keybinds in the Editor UI are similar to other editing programs, namely:

  • Cut: Ctrl+X
  • Copy: Ctrl+C
  • Paste: Ctrl+V
  • Undo: Ctrl+Z
  • Redo: Ctrl+Y

The default camera controls are:

  • Rotate: Left Click
  • Arcball Camera: Ctrl + Left Click
  • Pan Camera: Ctrl + Right Click

The Flight Speed can be changed using the slider at the bottom right corner of the Editor UI.

Keybinds can be found in the Main Menu Bar titled 'Keybinds'.

If you'd prefer a default key layout reminiscent of Blender, use Load Default > Blender-like.