The move tool allows you to alter the position of blocks and entities within a cuboid area.

Creating Selections

To create a selection, start by using left-click to select your first corner and then right-click to select the second. You can use middle-click to select faces instead of the corners. This makes it much easier to select blocks that don't already have edges.

See below for a demonstration. The initial selection is made with a Left & Right click, which is then further expanded to include the whole tree using three middle-clicks.

Moving Selections

Once you're happy with your selection, you can move it by scrolling with the mouse wheel. Now, a hologram will represent the selection you'll be working with. You will also be presented with different controls, using middle-click you can move the selection to the direction you're facing.

Using the scroll wheel, you can nudge the selection by one block. Scrolling up will push the selection away from the player and scrolling down will bring the selection closer to the player, so the direction the player is facing determines the direction the selection is pulled or pushed. The arrows on the faces of your selection will indicate the scroll up direction.

By holding the 'X', 'Y' or 'Z' keys, you can force the selection to move in a single axis. For example, holding the 'X' key while nudging the selection will force it to move on the X axis only.

Modifying Selections

You can further modify a selection by two ways: flip and rotate. These can alter the orentation of the selection in almost any way.

To flip a selection, use Ctrl + F. This will flip the selection depending on the direction you're facing. The arrow on the side of your selection will indicate the direction your selection will be flipped.

To rotate a selection, use Ctrl + R. This will rotate the selection clockwise on the X and Z axis. For example, a selection facing north will be face east after rotating it.

With a selection, you're still able to expand the selection with middle-click. Using left or right-click also works to set a corner again.

Below is another demonstration, covering the two modifiers mentioned above.

Confirming Selections

After you're happy with your movement and modifications, use right-click to confirm the selection, placing the blocks shown in your selction.

If you're not happy with the result, use Ctrl + Z to undo the placement. If you can't make up your mind, you can use Ctrl + Y to redo your undo.