Windows are the main part of the Editor Mode. Allowing for any layout, Windows are extremely versatile and customisable.

All Windows are built around the main view as it's the only window that cannot be removed.

Opening New Windows

To open a closed window, use the Main Menu Bar and find the Windows category. In there, you will find a list of each Window and its toggle.

When enabling a window, it will appear in the centre of the screen as slightly transparent. This is due to the window being undocked.

Window Layouts

Windows can be laid out in multiple ways on the screen. To adjust a window's position, simply drag the topmost part of the window and drag it to where you would like it to be.

Tip: Undocked windows can be minimised by clicking the triangle next to the window title.


To dock a window, drag the window and hover it over one of the eight blue shapes that appear. You can either dock using pre-existing windows or add a new position.

To undock a window, drag it by the title and it will undock.

Other Windows


Themes can be used to further customise the Editor UI with custom colours. To edit the current theme, click Style Editor under Help in the Main Menu Bar. Themes can be imported and exported from the clipboard.

Select Block

The select block window is essentially the creative inventory for the Editor Mode. You can either search by block name or block ID.