Axiom presents a rich set of tools for real-time, precise manipulation of your Minecraft world. These tools are readily accessible in the top layer of the 'Tool' window. Additionally, the 'Tool Options' window offers further configuration possibilities. Each tool comes with its unique settings that can dramatically change its functionality and impact. We encourage exploration and experimentation as it can lead to unanticipated yet fascinating or beneficial applications of these tools.

Note: By ctrl clicking on a slider, you can manually input a value that exceeds the default parameter limits. Use this feature with caution.


Most tools used to manipulate the world use a format known as ‘brushes’. Brushes let the user click and drag in the world with a predefined shape in order to gather blocks to include in the brush’s path. You can select the shape of the brush in the dropdown menu. The default shape is a sphere.

You can choose from a sphere, a cube or an octahedron.