Placements can be repositioned and rotated using the Gizmo.

Once the placement is in the correct position, you can use Enter or Ctrl+V to confirm it. To cancel a placement, use the Delete or Backspace key.

Tip: The placement can be rotated clockwise along the X and Z axis by using Ctrl+R. Placements can be flipped in the direction of your mouse vector by using Ctrl+F.

Placement Options

Keep ExistingStops the placement from overriding pre-existing blocks
Paste AirEnables air to override pre-existing blocks
Merge BlocksMerges new blocks with existing blocks based on the block shape.
Unlock RotationAllows the placement to be rotated at any angle rather than 90 degree steps.
Rotate/ScaleOpens the Rotate/Scale window.
Snap to groundRepositions the placement down to the nearest solid surface.
Paste CopyPlaces a copy of the placement without cancelling the placement.
Paste and SelectPlaces the object and selects it, allowing for further modification.

Rotate and Scale

The Rotate/Scale window allows for rotating and resizing by any amount. This window contains a drop-down with for multiple functions. Below are all options with a description.

Nearest NeighbourNearest Neighbour has 6 translation inputs, one for each rotation axis and one for each scale axis. However the output may contain more artifacts than using the other translation types.
RotSpriteRotSprite has 3 translation inputs, there is one input for each rotation axis.
Scale2xScale2x has no inputs. It scales your placement by two times its size.
Scale3xScale3x has no inputs. It scales your placement by three times its size.