This chapter covers Capabilities, toggleable features which can enhance your building workflow.

The Capabilities that are currently available are:

  • Bulldozer (break blocks fast)
  • Replace Mode (replace blocks in the world)
  • Force Place (bypass block placement restrictions)
  • No Updates (prevent block updates when placing/breaking)
  • Tinker (various useful interactions when right-clicking with an empty hand)
  • Infinite Reach (removes the reach limit)
  • Fast Place (place blocks fast)
  • Angel Placement (place blocks mid-air)
  • No Clip (move through blocks while flying)

Capabilities can be toggled using the left side of the Context Menu

Additionally, keybinds can be associated with capabilities to quickly toggle them. By default, only the Replace Mode has a keybind (R), but more can be added in the vanilla controls menu (Esc > Options > Controls)


Using Ctrl + C while looking at a block will copy its exact nbt state.

When searching in the creative inventory, pressing enter will add the first listed block to your current hotbar slot.