Builder Mode

The Builder Mode is an enhancement of the vanilla Creative mode. It adds several new features that take a lot of the pain away from traditional building and make everything just a bit easier.

Builder Context Menu

Many features for builder mode can be toggled or accessed through the Context Menu. The menu can be opened by holding down Left Alt. See Context Menu for more information.

Builder Context Menu

Builder Tools

To the right of the hotbar, you can find the Builder Tools. These tools are very simple and are intended to ease structural/small scale building where use of the more powerful Editor Mode is too unwieldly.

To start using a Builder Tool, scroll to the 10th slot or press 0. To switch to a different Builder Tool, hold Left Alt and then scroll.

The three main keybinds for the Builder Tools are left-click, right-click and middle-click. Middle-click has similar a functionality to left and right-click but instead of selecting the corners, middle-click is used to select the faces.

When working with a selection, useful information such as offset and size is displayed above the hotbar.

Holding either x, y or z while scrolling to move the placement will lock it to that direction.

The tools that are currently available in this section are:

Builder Tools


Using Ctrl + C while looking at a block will copy its exact nbt state.

When searching in the creative inventory, pressing enter will add the first listed block to your current hotbar slot.