Axiom has its own dedicated configuration located in .minecraft/config/axiom containing 3 folders and 3 files.

The folders are used to store saved Blueprints, Heightmaps and Tool Presets so even if the mod is removed, your assets are saved.

The files contain the more important information such as UI layout and enabled capabilities. Axiom uses a variant of JSON called HOCON (Human-Optimized Config Object Notation).

Below are the three files alongside their descriptions.


completedTutorialsLists the tools that have shown their short tutorial.
customDowngradeSuggestionsLists the downgrades suggested by Axiom.
defaultLayoutStores the UI data for the currently enabled UI layout.
globalScaleA float representing the Editor UI Scale.
lastTranslationCountA value determining the amount of translations.
openEditorWindowTypesA list of open windows in the editor.
rootEditorPaletteThe default block palette for the editor mode.
savedCustomThemeStores the currently active Theme as a string.
showCloseWindowButtonA boolean to toggle the "x" to close windows.
showNon90DegreeRotationWarningA boolean to toggle the warning before applying non-90-degree angles.
showToolMaskOpenWarningA boolean to toggle the warning when using Tool Masks.
shownIntroductionA boolean representing whether the introduction has been completed.


blockAttributesContains the currently toggled Block Attributes.
blueprintStores the toggle to automatically refresh and a list of all used blueprint tags.
capabilitiesLists all abilities and their state. Also contains the autoSwapToCreative boolean that controls switching to creative when opening the context menu.
keybindsStores in-game keybinds and settings for the Builder Mode and camera movement.
toolKeybindsStores all Editor keybinds for switching tools.
renderingStores booleans representing the toggles in the Toolbox found in the Context Menu.


This file stores windows and their positions.

This file is generally not meant to be modified, hence why it uses a different file format. However, if you're having an issue with a specific window that you can't recover, you can either edit or delete this file to fix the issue.