Commands are essential for management and debugging.


  • This command provides a link to this documentation.


  • Forces the world to have cheats enabled, even if they are disabled. This is not available in Multiplayer.


  • Tests the connection by emulating a player join on a server.


  • Displays the introduction shown when first using the mod.


  • Target a capability and toggle it.


  • Returns Axiom's status and information on how to resolve issues.

Axiom Gamerule Commands

These are some extra commands for controlling the world and its properties. These are not available when playing on a paper server.


  • Unlike the doTileDrops gamerule, Axiom's gamerule covers all blocks.


  • When False, all gravity affected blocks like sand will never update regardless of the interaction.


  • When False, farmland cannot be trampled by any entity.


  • Prevents all forms of death, including void damage and /kill.

Compatible commands

//pos1 and //pos2 can be used in conjunction with WorldEdit. Using these commands will cause Axiom to render a box to visualise your selection.