Main Menu Bar

The main menu bar gives users access to crucial functionality of the mod. Here you can find menu items for accessing windows, manipulating selections, performing operations and viewing helpful information.


FunctionDefault ShortcutDescription
UndoCtrl+ZReverses the most recent action
RedoCtrl+YReverses the most recent undo
CutCtrl+XRemoves the selection and stores it in the clipboard
CopyCtrl+CCopies the selected item to the clipboard
Save BlueprintCtrl+PSaves the current selection as a blueprint for later use


The Select submenu lets users perform a variety of functions related to selections.

ClearClears the current selection
MaskSelects blocks within the current selection that match the chosen block
ExpandExpands the current selection by a specified number of blocks
ShrinkShrinks the current selection by a specified number of blocks
DistortDistorts the current selection with simplex noise by a specified radius and distance. Radius is the scale of the noise and the distance is the amount it gets distorted by
SmoothApplies a Gaussian blur on the selection to smooth out the selection. StdDev is the intensity of the smoothing operation and the threshold is the ‘cut-off’ of how much input weight is needed to affect the output
Bounding BoxCreates a cuboid selection around the furthest points of the selection, encapsulating the entire selection


The View submenu lets you configure options related to viewing and rendering certain elements in your world.

FunctionDefault ShortcutDescription
New ViewNoneCreate a new View
Show SelectionNoneLets you toggle the rendering of your selections
Show BiomesCtrl+BEnables the biome overlay1
Min BrightnessNoneA slider ranging from 0 to 1. This lets you change how dark unlit places look in your world. A value of 1 means all blocks are fully lit, this is also known as fullbright
Fluid OpacityNoneA slider ranging from 0 to 1. This lets you change the opacity of transluscent2 fluids to make it easier to look through. A value of 0 will make the fluid invisible
Show Key PressesNoneThis shows your inputs including mouse clicks on the bottom right of the viewport. This is useful for making tutorials.

Be aware that biomes in Minecraft are defined in a 4x4x4 grid. However, in order to make biomes feel more natural, vanilla warps the biomes visually. The biome overlay shows the "real" position of biomes, while biome blending and the f3 screen show the "warped" position of biomes.


Lava and other non-translucent fluids (if the game is modded) are not affected by opacity due to performance and mod compatibility concerns.


The Create submenu lets you make geometric shapes with your active block. Since these shapes are computed mathematically, they can adjust to any angle and transformation, giving you a lot of control over their look. When you 'place' these objects, you can use the gizmo to reposition them and rotate them at arbitrary angles.

Each shape lets you tweak their XZ or XYZ dimensions, as well as having a toggle for individual sliders. In addition to controling rotation using the gizmo, you can also input specific angles for yaw, pitch, and roll in the 'advanced options' dropdown. Plus, there are options for making the shapes hollow, placing only the outer layer.

The current available shapes are:

  • Sphere
  • Cuboid
  • Cylinder
  • Cone
  • Pyramid


The Operations submenu has a lot of features for modifying the selected part of your world

FunctionDefault ShortcutDescription
FillCtrl+FFill a selection with the chosen block
Fill NearestNoneFills an area with the closest neighbor blocks, useful to repair areas or fill in gaps
ReplaceCtrl+RReplace specific blocks in the selection with the chosen block
Set BiomeNoneSets the selection to the chosen biome
DrainNoneDrains an area of all fluids, including waterlogged blocks
WaterlogNoneFloods an area with water, including turning waterloggable blocks into their waterlogged counterpart
Simulation > GravityNoneGravity simulation makes all blocks with air below 'fall' as if they were affected by gravity
AnalyzeNoneAnalyzes the blocks in the selection, giving information on counts and distribution

Tool Masks

Clear and open the tool mask editing window. See Tool Masks


The Windows submenu lets the user toggle the visibility of important windows. If you ever close a window and want it back, this submenu allows you to reenable it.


The Help submenu contains useful information and configuration options.

Users can configure keybinds, find useful links to Axiom related resources and view this documentation.